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An on-line colour therapy training course comprising of approximately 250 learning hours over 2 years. The course is divided in sections of 14 modules, plus altogether 12 days intensive group sessions in England, the second of which includes a set examination of one day. Any written assignments or essays are to be carried out in between modules.

The Colour Therapy course is accredited by the CTA (Colour Therapy Association). Espacio is an International Teaching Institute which is affiliated to Calamus University.

Students will qualify for a certificate when they complete at least 80% of the lessons, hand in all their written assignments in time, pass the written and oral examination.

Colour therapy will be looked at and taught from many different angles in this course in order to develop a holistic understanding. The more comprehensive and deeper our understanding of colour will become the better we will understand the healing potential of colours and use it effectively.

The Course objectives are:

  • to develop a deeper understanding of colour as an energy form of life
  • to use colour to change existing structures, processes, health problems and situations
  • as a means to activate the body's inherent intelligence, to unlock the inner wisdom
  • colour as a link between subjective inner and "objective" outer healing energies
  • colour and helf healing techniques.

Pricing: $3600 for  a 2 year, 250 learning hours course.

Certificate: Diploma Holistic Colour Therapy

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espacio, International Institute for Holistic Studies has been accredited as Independent Schoool of the
British Complementary Medicine Association, U.K. (BCMA)