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The Holistic Healing Course and espacio as a teaching institute is affiliated to the BCMA (British Association for Complementary Medicine), Calamus University and also accredited as teaching institute by DGH (Dachverband für geistiges Heilen, Deutschland.)

Please find the curriculum of our Centre, demonstrating International Standards, thus assuring quality and recognition by official governing bodies in complementary medicine.

Our on-line holistic healing training course comprises a total of 360 learning hours over 3 years in sections of 18 modules, plus 18 days intensive group sessions in England, the third of which includes a set examination of 1 day. Any written assignments or essays are to be carried out in between modules.

The material taught will overlap in different core sections.
Students will qualify for a certificate when they complete at least 80% of the lessons, hand in all their written assignments in time, pass the written and oral examination.


  • Sickness and Health philosophy
  • History, culture of healing
  • Paper on various alternative approaches i.e. homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, massage etc.
  • Current and traditional Western understanding of health
  • Understanding the coherent and interconnected intelligence of body, mind and soul
  • Visualisations
  • Meditations
  • Reduction exercises
  • Family history + health/illness, in context of immediate family and social environment
  • Breathing exercises
  • Unlocking body, emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Practical exercises, learning to become aware and "reading" of subtle energies
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Basic counselling skills/strategies
  • Essay on each organ/system

espacio specific teaching and practical work:

  • To have a body and to be a body.
  • Body awareness beyond duality.
  • Expressing visualisations/meditations by drawings and paintings.
  • Developing holistic communication skills with your body e.g. if all organs are sitting at a round table, what would they discuss, who is strong, who is weak, who supports which system and so on.
  • Supporting coherent communiction system of the cells, atoms and DNA.
  • Inner acceptance and truthfulness, by looking at existing patterns, their inherent dynamics and effects on one's perception of reality.
  • Expanding awareness and consciousness by asking questions instead of finding answers.
  • Developing/growing inner wholeness, integration of self by verifying projection, denial and shadow sides.
  • Accepting and supporting self esteem and self responsibility.
  • Mayan teachings and Mexican natural medicine.
  • Experiencing and expanding inner and outer space, awareness of self within energy fields.
  • Discovering and tapping into Life's law of abundance.

The curriculum takes the following form:

II. Course Modules

6 on-line Modules and an Intensive 6 day group session per year.

1st Year

6 Modules - each module requires 1 long essay and 2 or more short assignments

  • Basics of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Blood and heart ( getting in touch with your own system via guided visualisation and meditation)
  • Circulation
  • Muscles and tissue
  • Joints or articulation
  • Digestive system

  6-Day Group Session

  • Cultural Concepts of Health and Disease and how our own understanding fits into that
  • Studying holistic approaches of mind, body and spirituality
  • Getting to know and describe subtle energies within our body
  • Reflection and discussion on our motivation of wanting to help, wanting to heal
  • Developing a way of thinking that looks at a whole process and our position within the energy web and how we are connected to it
  • Methods  (Practical Exercises)
  • During the group sessions each student is required to write the minutes

2nd Year

6Modules- each module requires 1 long essay and 2 or more short assignments

  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Liver, pancreas and gallbladder/biliary system
  • Respiratory system
  •  5 senses
  • Bones
  • Urinary system
6 Day Group session
  • Learning about body network and blockages
  • Transforming awareness/consciousness
  • Discovering how we are embedded in energy fields
  • Experiencing of inner and outer space
  • Life and vibrational expression of energy fields within body
  • Learning to accept and go with the flow of life (exercises)

3rd Year

6 Modules - each module requires 1 long and 2 or more short assignments

  • Basic Anatomy and physiology
  • Reproduction system
  • Nervous system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Endocrine system
  • Thesis, revision summary

6-Day Group Session  (including 1 day examination)

  • Working with subtle energies of the body
  • Healing methods and ethics
  • Accessing and expanding inner dimensions
  • Spiritual growth
  • Revision
  • Oral and written examination

III. Course Expectations

  • The students will be expected to contribute a number of hours of individual study.
  • To undertake research investigations into the subject matter covered by the course and follow-up with essays, which will be assessed with feedback.
  • The grades from the assignments will be credited towards the final qualification.
  • The course is assigned to be a two-way interaction between student and tutor, giving the student the ability to answer their own questions, to open their minds to their true potential.
  • requires working with subtle energies, vibrational medicine.
  • is emphasising on healing being understood as a holistic approach to the web of life which also helps to understand our emotional, spiritual and mental limitations and possibilities and to investigate these and open up new dimensions for ourselves.
  • makes us aware of our unconscious thinking and feeling patterns  which define the way  we see our reality and that of others.

IV. On-line Healing Course


  •  One-to-one on-line Tuition
  •  Monthly personal telephone tuition
  •  Group Discussions on-line
  •  on-line Collaboration - keeping students in touch
  •  Intensive Tuition in small groups
  •  Teaching Material
  •  Refreshments during group sessions


  •   Travel Costs
  •   Books
  •   Internet Expenses
  •   Phone Calls to Institute
  •   Accommodation in England
  •   Personal Expenses
  •   Meals

V. Price and timetable for 2004 und 2005

The on-line modules can be started at any time. The first 6 days group session will take place in autumn 2004 in Southampton. Because of the intensity of the group session the course will be divided into 2 working units: please enquiere the dates at the center. There will be 3 free days for relaxation and sight-seeing in the wonderful surroundings of Southampton.

The total cost of the course is $ 5300, which includes approx. 360 learning and teaching  hours, payable annually in $1766 in advance.

Southampton benefits from:

  • Easy access to London ( Approx. 1hour by Train)
  • Local Museums and Old Walls (the Titanic left from Southampton)
  • Excellent position on the South Coast for visiting beach resorts
  • Sailing on the Solent
  • Departure Place of the Mayflower and The Pilgrim Fathers
  • Large Dock Area including Titanic Exhibition
  • Largest in-Town Shopping Mall in Europe
  • Immediate surroundings of The New Forest, Ancient City of Winchester, the picturesque Isle of Wight, Naval History of Portsmouth
  • Many restaurants, Hotels, entertainment venues

VI. Disclaimer

The Centre is not responsible for:

  • Students to practise under the name of espacio before completion of the course without official authorisation.
  • The course is for the training of a Healer and not a therapy in itself
  • Holistic Healing does not replace any conventional medical treatment, the person should always see doctor to be diagnosed
  • The centre does not automatically insure students therefore students are advised to take out their own insurance against malpractice
  • any impact on the student's mental or physical well-being whilst studying, the student should be physically and mentally stable at the commencement of the course

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