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Colour is life , life is colour and is very colourful

RED symbolises power and action, irradiating with red promotes activity, fights fatigue, promotes blood circulation and has a stimulating effect on the metabolism, skin and glands. Next to blue it is the favourite colour of most people in our culture. It is often worn by very lively and optimistic people. The colour red supports the energy of your sexual organs and women who have difficulties conceiving should use a red lamp in their bedroom.

ORANGE is like red, a vibrant colour which stimulates the vital strength of the kidneys. It supports lung tissue and is effective against constipation and helps to overcome emotional tension and blockages. It is an inspiring and stimulating colour. Orange helps depressive or lethargic people. It is a "sociable" colour representing joy, fun, openness and love of being with other people.

YELLOW acts as a positive stimulant on the nervous system and has a positive effect on stomach, intestines, liver, spleen and bladder. It is very effective in treating depression. Current trials have shown that chicken whose brooding place was irradiated with yellow produce more eggs. The colour stimulates the left side of the brain and is therefore also very useful when studying. Yellow is one of the three primary colours and stands for wisdom, imagination, joy and curiosity.

GREEN symbolises balance and harmony. Irradiating with green soothes and calms the entire nervous system. It helps against stress, tension, nervousness and insomnia. It restores tired nerves and is a nutrient for nerves. Green is the colour of balance and like blue one of nature's basic colours. People whose favourite colour is green tend to be modest,  well balanced and patient. Green relaxes the eyes and the whole body.

BLUE has cooling and anti septic effects. It reduces pulse frequency and alleviates pain. Blue reduces fever and acts as a nutrient to the nerves. Blue connects man with the oceans and the sky+heavens. Blue represents self- reflection, looking inwardly. Walls painted in blue will have a soothing effect first but after a while also have a cooling effect.

INDIGO is very effective for nervous and mental disorders and stimulates the hypophyses. Indigo has an anaesthetising effect due to its high vibrations thus also promotes the healing of burns.

VIOLET stimulates the mental and spiritual levels and has a balancing effect on depression and migraine. Using violet for meditation will help visionary development. Violet is a mixture of blue and red and combines both opposites: life, fire,power, pushing ahead (red) with calm, relaxation, introvertness but also stopping not wanting to go ahead (blue). Violet and purple are both colours worn by high ecclestical dignitaries (Christian church) whereas in Asia orange is considered to be an expression of spirituality.

GOLD is a colour of protection and primarily strengthens the heart and self-confidence. It symbolises universal love. Gold represents the good and noble and symbolises silence, for silence is golden. He who can keep silent at the right time is a true master. In fairy tales all great treasures are always made of gold.

SILVER is the colour of transformation and supports progressive processes. It can be combined with all other colours and acts against lethargy. Silver is very adjustable and flexible and can be mixed with many colours. It generally supports the strength of the other colours.

BLACK physically means the absence of colour and is energy draining when worn. But at the same time it is also a protective colour. Under no circumstances should black be worn in cases of depression, fatigue or anxiety. Black is the colour of the mysterious and unexplained. It indicates hidden depths of the soul and repressed secret needs and desires.

WHITE contains all colours. It is the colour of cleansing and clarity. It also symbolises youth and freshness. White, too is a protective colour worn by some religious groups to express simplicity or clarity and pureness of the heart. White is worn as the colour for mourning in Buddhist and Hindu countries. In meditation white is used for protection and in therapy to reduce strong colours.
The above paragraphs are a brief introduction to colour therapy. You can read more about the scientific background, effects and application of colour in specialised literature and videos on colour therapy.

Christa Muths