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An institute for holistic living and integration of awareness in your everyday life.

Any life force is able to respond, learn and act from the wholeness of its being, - thus its soul - if it has managed to develop an understanding and inter-communication between body, emotions, mind and spirit. Creating a holistic network within and without can have healing effects on itself and others.

Man as a multi faceted being is made up of a wide variety of energies based on his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual make-up. Each of these individual areas is undergoing a constant process of transformation within itself, while at the very same time exchanging energies with its direct environment and the universe.

Any disparities and frictions within such complex systems are merely an expression of an alive interaction which helps to develop awareness and a sensitivity for inner integrity and strength. This process will aid one to trust the flow of life.

espacio, Institute for Holistic Studies is the result of many years work with fine vibrational energies. The centre runs training courses and workshops worldwide. Each individual course incorporates diverse aspects of a long term work experience.

The centre supports all kind of processes which help to develop, initiate and assist a holistic approach to life.

Holistic in that case, means getting to know and understand as well as use all vibrational energies like colours, symbols, images and sound as well as exploring other dimensions. Entering a new state of awareness will have a great influence on our consciousness and hence change the perception of our reality.

As a result our concept of duality will open up and therefore it is possible to experience reality within a wider holistic framework, growing into a new state of awareness.

A new awareness will bring a new approach of coping with life. It will therefore not only directly change our reality short term but also our energetic pattern in the long run. This in turn will lead to a change in the biological information of the body.

espacio is affiliated with Calamus International University. Students who complete courses successfully at espacio are entitled to credits towards Calamus degrees.The degree programme of Calamus offers courses to a Bachelors, Master's or Doctorate's degree.

espacio, International Institute for Holistic Studies has been accredited as Independent Schoool of the British Complementary Medicine Association, U.K. (BCMA)