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As a quarterly magazine espacio-time supports holistic life styles, thinking and consciousness. espacio-time will put you in touch with science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality, not just in theory but integrated in every day life experiences.

The magazine will provide you with information, news and controversial discussions on many different subjects, to enable you to have a holistic understanding of life and therefore your outlook on life will change.

Familiar concepts and ideas are rediscovered, challenged or tackled from different angles. New methods and ideas in science, medicine, psychology, art, music, ancient and foreign cultures as well as spirituality are introduces or investigated.

So if you are naturally curious, like to discover how different aspects of awareness are linked and want to understand how the polarity of illness and health interacts, or how our concept of time and space forms our reality, espacio-time magazine is a good place to start.

What's more if you are more process- then goal-orientated and if you enjoy asking questions more then finding answers, are curious and enchanted by the small and big mysteries of life, this magazine has a lot to offer.

espacio-time is a non-profit organization. All articles are published for educational purposes only. The copyright lies by the author of the article or it's original source. If you reprint an article, please retain all information about its original source.