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The objectives of the course are:

• developing a deeper understanding of colour as an expression of life;
• recognising colour as a means to activate body inherent intelligence;
• getting in touch with and unlock inner wisdom;
• using colour to change existing personal pattern, processes, disease and situations;
• experiencing colour as a link between inner and “objective” outer healing energies;
• working with the intrinsic intelligence of colour.

Course curriculum:

Outline of general teaching and practical work:

Science, technology and bioinformation and holistic approach of colour therapy:
Studying physics, foundation of light and sound; Isaac Newton, Fraunhoffer,
Bunsen, Kirchhoff, Max Planck, Fritz Albert Popp and Marco Bishop.
Light's dual capacity of ray and wave, the electromagnetic spectrum, spectral
analysis, photon, quantum and biophotons, vibration, DNA, synapses and neuro

Colour and history:
Looking at awareness, concepts, meaning and use of colours throughout
history in different civilisations i.e. Egypt, China, Africa, Mayas, Ancient Greece,
Atlantis, etc.; colours used in rituals and sacred teachings as well as colour used
in our modern consumerist’s world.

Colour research and philosophy:
Looking at the works and contributions of old and contemporary scientists,
thinkers: Steiner, Goethe, Lacey, Libermann, Amber, Babitt, Ghadiali, Gimbel,
Muths, Bishop, Heller.

Colours and psychology:
Exploring significance and effects of colour on our psyche, the power of colour
in Mandalas to modern psychological tests, Art and art therapy: Lüscher, Heller,
Babitt, Muths, Viky Wall.

Traditional and holistic approach to illness and disease:
Looking at concepts of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Bach Flower Remedies, Chinese
Medicine, massage, aromatherapy, astrology, acupuncture, reflexology,
vibrational medicine, and traditional medicine anatomy and physiology,
functions of the body.

Healing power of colours:
Teaching different colour treatment methods; effects of colours on the physical
body, radiation, visualisation, meditation, breathing, meridians, chakras, oils,
food, practical exercises.

Colours and interdisciplinary methods:
Sound, gemstones, numerology, astrology, scent, Kabala.

Counselling skills, code of ethics and conduct.

Outline of espacio specific teaching and practical work:

Colour and finer energies and Cosmos / Space, Colour and the soul concept:
Awareness, level of consciousness and inner and out network: comparative
studies of Reich, Leadbeater, Khan, Alper, Brugh Joy.

Colour duality and colour integration:
Developing an inner understanding of colour medicine; exploring “negative” and positive” aspects of colour; integrating of opposites such as Black and White.

To “have” colour and to “be” colour:
Exploring and understanding the difference of colour being used as tool according to colour “rules”, and acquiring a deeper understanding of colour as an expression of life energy of a person; the expression of colour is as diversified as living beings are.

Colour dynamics, dimension and consciousness:
Learning to understand length, depth, width, consistency and inner forms of colours, time-space continuum of colour; colour as information system and access to different dimensions.

Colour medicine healing - living colour:
Research and practical application of richness and variety of colour in every day life; the powerful energy source of colour; case studies, demonstration of practical experiences.

Colour vibration and perception of other realities:
Untapping and connecting to our own inner wisdom; using colour for grounding and facing reality, not for escapism, finding our inner guide.

Colour acupuncture:
Studying the 26 main acupuncture points and their meaning for the body, applying and working with colour to combine the healing powers of colour and acupuncture.

Colour intelligence and senses:
Feeling, tasting, singing,smelling and hearing colour to integrate all the senses.

Duration of course: a total of 26 days over 2 years in 2 - 4 days modules.
The number of students is limited to 10 per course.

  • A new course is planned to start in spring 2006. Please contact the Institute for further information.

Certificate: Diploma Holistic Colour Therapy

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