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Discovering other cultures, an adventure trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

from 30.10. - 9.11.2011Day of the Dead

and 30.3. - 9.4.2012 Semana Santa

also 30.10. - 9.11.2012 Day of the Dead

Oaxaca is the capital of the county Oaxaca in the South of Mexico and has been described in all international travel guides as the most beautiful city of the world. It has listed buildings and sites and is the Centre of artists and intellectuals of Mexico, it boasts many galleries and museums. The County Oaxaca has with 80% the highest indigenous population in the whole of Mexico, followed by the county Chiapas.

In autumn espacio offers a very special comprehensive and holistic adventure trip into nature, culture, meditation and visions. A trip which includes also holistic healing and shamanic rituals.

The program includes:

. visiting the pyramids of Monta Alban and Mitla

. taking part in a full moon meditation in the pyramids of Mitla

. doing energy exercises in the pyramids and also in the jungle

. visiting 2 different curanderos and will receive cleansing of the auras and healing

. visiting an Indian village in the high mountains of Mexico (3400 m high), which is like travelling into a different time and stay overnight in a cabaña

. taking part in a temascal (a type of Swet Lodge of the old Olmecas)

. a 3 hour guided walk through the forest and jungle

. exploring the local markets of Mitla and Oaxaca

. a visit the regional museum of Oaxaca

. learning about shamanic rituals of the four directions

. celebrating the Day of the Dead with the locals in November or Semana Santa in March/April

Mexico is a very rich country regarding culture, it's people, music, art, and joy of life. We will experience the overwhelming landscapes, the way of life of it's people, their joy and art. We will explore all this and dive deeply into their culture. This is not a typical travel group quickly covering sites. The day of the Dead is a very special experience.

The journey to the village is also a very special trip and experience. We will be in a time warp unknown to us. The journey will be life changing!

The size of the group varies between 6 and 10 participants. It will be a flexible and independent journey, we will make decisions there and then and there will be enough free time for your own explorations.

Christa Muths will be our travel guide. Her wealth of experience is based on her work as an author, scientist as well as being an globetrotter. She has also very deep links with Mexico as her late husband was a Mexican artist from Oaxaca. She is trained by shamans from Mexico and Peru, speaks the local language and has made Oaxaca her second home.

For over 20 years she has been working as a spiritual teacher and healer worldwide and all her training courses are recognised by the BCMA and accredited by Calamus University.

Because of the small size of our groups please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book, please print out this Page and fill out the Form:

I wish to book the espacio adventure trip to Oaxaca, Mexico for:

[ ]30.10. - 9.11.2011 Day of the Dead

[ ]30.3. - 9.4.2012 Semana Santa

[ ]30.10. - 9.11.2012 Day of the Dead

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The cost of either journey is £895 and includes: travel costs from Oaxaca and entrance to the pyramids of Mitla and Monte Alban, reduced prices on the market with Soila + Imelda, full moon meditation in the pyramids of Mitla. Explanation of the markets and in the evenings introduction to land and customs. Eggs and herbs for the aura cleansing by curandera Eufemia, if wished guided tour to the Albaste market. All translations, travel cost to Cuajimoloyas, Temascal; cost for both travels and healing by the curanderos; entrance fees for the museum, additional journey to Mitla + shamanic and druid rituals, general travel guidance and translation, cultural know how.

This does not include travel costs to and from Mexico, accommodation or meals in Mexico. We strongly recommend that travellers take out travel insurance as espacio does not accept any responsibility for accidents and illnesses during the journey.

Please enclose a deposit of £250.00. The outstanding amount of £645.00 must be paid six weeks before the start date of the trip.

I have enclosed a cheque for £ 250.00 payable to espacio [ ],

I have paid £250.00 into the espacio account,

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Our help is available to find a hotel in Oaxaca with discount prices.

To book please fill in the form above and send or fax to espacio.

For further information and booking please contact the centre:

email: info@espacio-time.com or Christa@espacio-time.com