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Personal Profile: Christa Muths

Christa Muths, BA, B.Sc., M.Sc., is director and founder of espacio, International Institute for Holistic Studies in Southampton, Hampshire, established 1991 and publisher of the electronic magazine espacio time. She studied social work, economy, social psychiatry, philosophy, modern history and analysis of science.

Before her move to Great Britain she lectured at the Polytechnic at Darmstadt in Germany (1973 - 1980) and advised the Department of Education of the state Hessen on the academic curricula before she actively began her own spiritual development.

Her teachers include. Dr. Frank Alpers, renowned American teacher for healing and a respected authority on Atlantean matters and colour therapy; Pir Vilayart Khan, Sufi Leader; Rev. Mario Schoenmaker of Australia; The Master; Ivy Northage and Janet Orman of SAGB; Marie Louise Lacey, pioneer and teacher of colour therapy; and Dr. Brugh Joy, author and leading authority on the shadow sides of the self.

She has worked as a spiritual teacher and has given spiritual readings and healing world-wide since 1984. From 1990 she has trained therapists and medical professionals in Holistic Colour Therapy, Energy Therapy and Holistic Healing in Germany, England, US, Thailand, Malta, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Cyprus.

In addition to her training at and membership with the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers), she trained with the SAGB (Spiritual Association of Great Britain), as well as at the College of Psychic Studies. In 1984 she finished her training as reflexologist and in 1998 became a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.

She is fully accredited by the NFSH and the DGH - the German umbrella organisation for Spiritual Healers for the training of probationers. Her healing courses are recognised and recommended by the umbrella organisations.

She but also her institute espacio are fully accredited by the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), CTA (Colour Therapy Association) and Calamus University.

She is a member of the New York Academy of Science; the Scientific and Medical Network; the ZDN, Zentrum zur Dokumentation für Naturheilverfahren; Philosophy of Science Association; Green Spirit and Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Christa has published numerous articles and four books covering subjects such as holistic colour therapy, holistic healing and energy therapy. Her book on colour therapy became a best-seller in her native Germany and established as a textbook for the training of nurses, social workers, medical doctors, naturopaths and kinesiologists, in several sport and Kung Fu schools, at polytechnics teaching complementary medicine and has already been translated into Korean, Italian and Polish. Her booklet on "Healing with the Coherence of Light" attracted a world-wide readership and has been translated into nine languages.

Since 1995 she has published and edited the electronic magazine espacio time, a complementary magazine for the integration of body, mind and spirit which also includes details about the institute espacio. The magazine is trilingual: German, English and Spanish,.

1997 Christa designed and produced a video on vibrational colour medicine.

Her current project include further books on the intrinsic intelligence of light and colour, a second video on life energy and colour is in preparation, children's books, i.e. a sequence of fairy tales on colour as well as books on the concepts of space and time.

During the last 10 years she has been gradually introduced to the old shamanic wisdom of the Mayas and Tolteces from Ancient Mexico. One of her aims is to awaken awareness of this old knowledge and to integrate it into modern thinking.