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Our body are composed of electromagnetic and biochemical energies and processes. Our thoughts, feelings and all our physical processes are mirrored in the electromagnetic fields of the aura. Every person has his or her own very unique energy field.

Every aura reading brings to light the issues that are worrying the client and that he or she needs to resolve. These could be problems that are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By getting in touch with the client's own energy frequency Christa can see his or her present state. This state reveals both current problems and their causes and those that have been an issue for a long time. As a client you are given an objective view of your state and you are able to see things from a different perspective.

Each reading reveals different issues, experiences, conflicts and problems, showing you where current blockages lie. The Reading puts you in touch with different levels of consciousness within yourself as well as in your environment. You can get a clearer understanding of what is going on inside you and resolve the confusion on your thoughts and emotions. You will be able to recognise the causes of current blockages and resolve or integrate the issues troubling you.

A Reading open new doors for the client through discovery and exploration of his or her personality and spirit. You can discover forgotten events and parts of your life that you have denied or repressed. Your own consciousness motives come to light and you can develop your understanding of the way what your past and present emotions, your thought structures, patterns of behaviour and actions have evolved, and help you to develop new and more appropriate patterns. It also helps you to take responsibility for and be in charge of your life.

A Reading can also address problems from past lives. These may stem from your own development within your mother's womb, from your childhood or that of your parents. This may even extend to the childhood's of your grandparents or other emotionally significant people in your life. This process is only possible, however, if the energy fields of the relevant people allow it to take place. The Reading may shed light on the energetic pattern, with which we come into this life, called blue print. With this insight we are also able to find ways to grow beyond our profound "layout".

The nature of Christa's Readings ensures that only those issues come to light which the client is capable of resolving at the present time.

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